Computer Networks, Parallelization, and Simulation Laboratory

(This page is also available in Croatian.)

Computer Networks, Parallelization, and Simulation Laboratory (CNPSLab, local name: Laboratorij za računalne mreže, paralelizaciju i simulaciju) is a research, development, and teaching unit at University of Rijeka Department of Informatics. Founded in April 2008. as Computer Networks Laboratory (local name: Laboratorij za računalne mreže), the Lab’s name has been updated with the expansion of scientific and educational interests.

Specifically, we are interested in computational science and high performance computing using open source software and hardware as as much as possible.

Generally, our goal is to do better science the open source way; science is inherently open and should be kept so. The open source way includes open file formats, open source software, open source hardware, defensive patent licensing, and open access publication.

The page is under construction as of mid-2017. More details will be added at a later time, including the content salvaged from the previous website.